Blueprint helps you lease and sell space.  Want to close more deals?  Quality marketing materials make the difference!  Our team at Blueprint can laser measure your space and create visually appealing floor plans with current square footage that will increase your ability to close the deal.  It’s a simple, quick and easy process.

  1. Visit our Request a Quote page and complete the form
  2. A Blueprint team member will contact you and provide you with an estimate
  3. Our team will laser measure your site
  4. You’ll be provided with a crisp clean digital floor plan that can be integrated into your marketing efforts.

Laser measure existing spaces

Not sure how many square feet you have to lease or sell?

Don’t have a floor plan of the space?

These things make it easier for a client to understand the facility that you are trying to sell or lease.  The Blueprint team will visit the site, laser measure the space, and provide you with crisp, clean digital floor plans.  In doing so, we’ll also provide you with the current square footage of the space.

Convert hard copy plans to digital

Do you have blueprints, but they are decades old?

Do your floor plans not reflect recent changes to the layout of the facility?

The Blueprint team will take your old tattered drawings and recreate them in a digital format.  If changes have been made to the layout, we can visit the site to laser measure any changes.  We’ll provide you with new digital plans that reflect the current floor plan of the facility and can be easily inserted into your digital marketing material.

Calculate Accurate Square Footage

Not sure how many square feet your facility is? 

It can be difficult to sell or lease your space if you can’t tell prospective tenants or buyers exactly how many square feet you have to offer.  Whether it’s digitizing your old blueprints or laser measuring the space, the Blueprint team can quickly and efficiently provide you with an accurate square footage.

3D Walkthrough

Do you want to give virtual tours of your space?

Our Blueprint team will scan your space and provide you with a link to an interactive walk through you can share with prospects.

Additional Services

Need more?

The Blueprint services don’t end here.  Speak with one of our Blueprint designers to learn more about how we can help you.

  • manage the floorplans of your facility
  • create dynamic interiors for your common spaces within multi-tenant buildings
  • provide 3D interior renderings
  • develop construction drawings for tenant build-outs
  • assist with tenant finish & fixture selection
  • develop test-fits for potential tenants
  • provide furniture design

Our design services are unlimited!  If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know and we can design a package for you.